Summer 2020 was pretty decent.

I had a wonderful summer in so many ways. Our children and grandchildren were able to spend time out at the cabin and with everything that was going on with Covid 19, I know how fortunate we were to be able to be together when so many were not able to connect with family.

The cabin is our safe place and nature is it's own kind of healer. We spent time in and on the lake, swimming, playing, kayaking, paddle boarding and fishing. Teaching the kids about nature and their pure joy in experiencing it, finding the frogs, snakes and wonderful water creatures. Even the youngest one will spot the birds flying and just stop in his tracks to take it in. What a wonderful way to grow up.

Kids having fun
Even in the rain, the girls were slaying the fish and kicking butt during our fishing derby and I am pretty sure the whole lake could hear us.

The kids stepped in and helped us do tons of work cleaning up, clearing out the hill to the lake to allow a site line to the lake. It was not about clearing everything out, but more about helping the healthy trees flourish and taking out the trees that could cause damage and fire hazards. Now we have this amazing view and we will add in some new trees again that can grow strong and healthy.

I was out as often as I could be on the lake for myself as well. It was my way of recharging and making sure I was having some down time. I am someone who can find a million things that needs to get done and will not sit still very often. Thing is when I am out on the water, that is the only thing I can do and it gets me to stop, listen, watch, take in nature. The animals, birds, all the creatures that surround me are so inspiring and helps me to see the beauty and diversity around me. It fills up my cup.

Summer did seem to fly by. You blink and it's gone. I thought we would get so much done again, but not everything on the list got finished.

I am so grateful for out special spot on the lake where we could still isolate but still enjoy the time with our family. We've been able to stay healthy so far and hopefully that continues. To everyone, I hope you are finding ways to stay connected and stay healthy. Until next summer, our cabin will be waiting.

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