Paint, Paddle & Picnic (PPP)

Make it your purpose to take one day to play!

Are you in need some stress relief, a little fun, some relaxation and rejuvenation?

Are you ready to take some time out for yourself?

Paint, Paddle and Picnic is a unique (one of a kind) Day-cation destination in Northwestern Ontario where you can do just that by combining paint strokes and paddle strokes.  Experienced or not, this is a perfect fun filled day for anyone who just needs a day for themselves.

You will get to explore your creativity in a painting, be a little adventurous with a bit of paddling (weather permitting), go for a walk in the forest, indulge in some great food, take time for yourself while enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.

Putting brush to canvas or paper, is an opportunity to learn or be reminded of what brings you joy plus shows you ways to relax and rejuvenate.

Paddling on the Lake

Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or it’s your first time. Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding are a great way to experience balance, fun and satisfaction by being out on the water.  Should the weather not be as cooperative as we would like, our second option is to enjoy a walk in the wilderness on a quaint path near the property.

A delicious lunch, snacks and refreshments will be provided for you throughout the day.  Dietary concerns will be discussed before hand and we do our best to accommodate everyone's needs.

You will enjoy your time at our beautiful scenic location on Wabaskang Lake in Perrault Falls, ON. This is your chance to step out of your comfort zone, try something new (even a little scary for some), take time out for yourself, be reminded how fun it is to play, enjoy nature and return satisfied after an amazing day.

Cost is $199.99 per person (taxes not included) . Minimum of 2 people, maximum of 6.

A Solo day is available at a cost of $349.99 (taxes not included).

Payment required at booking.

Everything you need for an amazing relaxing day for yourself is included.  All you need to bring is your beach gear, clothing for the day, sunscreen, camera and a desire to have fun

Let's Plan Your Play Day-cation

Let’s check in again.  Is this for you?

  • Well, are you STRESSED?
  • Have you taken time out for you, have you played or had FUN lately?
  • Do you need a Vacation but can’t take more than a day off?
  • Are you ready to give Paddling a try?
  • Or how about Painting?
  • Are you listening to the voice telling you that "you could never get in a kayak or on a stand up paddle board" , "that’s too hard", "you aren't physically fit enough" or "you aren't creative"?

I can help you quiet that voice, prove it WRONG and help you have FUN doing it.

Take this time out for yourself, relax, have fun and rejuvenate.  You may surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.

This is your opportunity to do something for YOU

Come out with a friend (or 5) and enjoy a day of play.


This is a chance to create a painting, but it's more than that. It is about exploring creative possibilities that can benefit you in your everyday lives. Finding that something you might want to make a habit of, that inspires you, lights you up and helps you rejuvenate. It's a way of getting lost in what you are creating and leaving all your cares and worries behind for at least a few hours. Remember "It's Just Paint", a chance to let go of perfection and know that we can always paint over it.

If you are still saying, "but I'm not creative", that's what I am here to help you discover.

You can choose acrylics or watercolours, plus you choose from a large selection of what you would like to paint. You don't all have to paint the same thing.



You will join me on this wonderful shallow beach where I will guide you in the kayaks and onto the Stand Up Paddle Boards.  It is a safe amazing location to learn to paddle if you never have or the perfect spot to start from for those with more experience.  Time spent on the water can be relaxing and even meditative.

I have wonderful Current Design Vision 150 sit in sea kayaks that are sturdy and durable, they glide through the water with ease.  If you have never experienced one, I am pretty sure it will amaze you.   The Stand Up Paddle Boards are over 11 ft long and very easy to balance.  I will show you how, I promise, I have tons of patience and there is no pressure or judgment.  It’s all about having a glorious day on the lake.

I believe that there is a Purpose in Every Stroke and that is to Play More and Stress LESS.

Stay Connected...

What our clients have said...

Last summer 6 of us drive out to Blueberry Broad Diversion's cabin set up for a paint and paddle day.  It was amazing!  I had never been on a kayak or paddle board and learned to do both in one day!  We all came home with a painting done as well.  I am an artist and I was with some newbies.  We all were at different levels and all were happy with our paintings.  It was a fabulous day excursion and we all plan to return this year!  Absolutely a 5 star experience.

-- Brenda

I had a fabulous time at the Paint, Paddle and Picnic.  I have been telling all of my friends about the wonderful day we had!

Paddleboarding - I was so impressed with the personal lessons for paddle boating and the confidence you instilled in us as we were attempting it. I loved being on the water and having the opportunity to try this wonderful sport.  The lessons were great and timing was excellent.  I am really glad it was a calm day! 🙂

Painting - I really enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere of painting.  I did not feel rushed and felt that the instructions were well relayed to the us.  Again, I loved the personal attention, and the modelling you did of the brush strokes, so I could see what I needed to do. Timing and lesson was awesome!

Food - EXCELLENT!  I loved the greek chicken and salad!  I also appreciated the snacks throughout the day!  GREAT JOB!

I felt completely relaxed and have already mentioned my enjoyment to quite a few friends! Thanks again!

-- Karen

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