Nature gave me a few chuckles

Nature gave me a few chuckles and had me in awe of the tiny creatures.  One day it was the sweetest little tree frog and the last one was finding my first baby painted turtle that was making it’s way down to the lake.

The baby turtle got me thinking how such a tiny creature knows exactly what to do.  Once it hatches, it heads to the water.  I did pick it up and helped it down to the lake, I put it down on the beach and it went straight to the water.

I happen to believe that animals cross my path to teach me things and I do try to pay attention.  When I looked up what the turtle represented it says it teaches us about determination and staying strong despite obstacles or distractions.  Trust your path no matter what.  Slow and steady.  Pace yourself so you can take your next step with confidence.

When I see something that small, determined to take these tiny steps to make it to it’s destination, it’s extraordinary.  So when I feel like I am not moving fast enough or doing enough,  it’s taking too long, or seems to hard.  I am reminded it’s all about that one baby step.  I will arrive when I am supposed to, just keep moving.

This little tree frog was so entertaining, then when I went to take a selfie, he jumped on my phone and the camera went off, he took a picture of me.  I enjoyed a good laugh with that one.  Plus I figure you don’t have to be warm blooded to get the phone to react.  The frog also has significant meaning.  It can be a symbol of transition and transformation.

Nature is so interesting and all my life I have had animals showing up in all kinds of ways.  When I stop and pay attention, there are many lessons they can share.  The turtle and the frog are both associated with the water element and feminine powers.  You can always look these up to see more about what they represent.  The other animals that have crossed my path this month were dragonfly, eagle, vulture, skunk, moose, wolf, frogs, turtle and hawk.  Those are the ones I remember anyway.  I love being surrounded by nature.

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