More of my creations this month

The first picture below is an example of what I tell everyone.  “It’s Just Paint” so if you don’t like it paint over it.  I had this canvas I had painted in a class quite a few years ago.  Never finished it, didn’t really like it, had it hanging up waiting for me to finish it.  I looked at it the other day and thought, hell, why not paint over it, I can do a acrylic pour over it.  If you look closely, in the upper left corner, that is where it started and the middle is what it ended up looking like.  Yay, a picture I like.

Don't like it? Paint over it!

The other paintings are from what I did for samples and from using up the leftover paints from the acrylic pour classes.  The fairy in the jar was just a thought I had after the grandkids left and had been putting all kinds of critters in pails to play with.  I thought maybe if it was fireflies the fairy would help them escape.

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