It’s the 5th Anniversary for my Studio

It’s been 5 years since I opened the doors to my beautiful Art Studio.  The time has flown by and yet it feels like yesterday. 

I won’t be Celebrating with an Open House this year, but I will still be Celebrating.  I am planning on a full day in my Studio.  I will be going live online and posting videos through out the day, so watch for me on my Facebook page and on my Instagram page .  You are more than welcome to interact with me throughout the day and ask me questions on messenger.   I will be available if anyone does want to come down and say hi, all you have to do is let me know and bring your mask. 

I encourage you anytime, but especially now in the Holiday Season, if you are looking for a Unique Gift, I would be happy to show you around my Studio and see if one of my pieces is a fit for yourself or someone you want to spoil.  Just message me or call at 807-220-3649 to make an appointment.  I will be following the Safe Practices being asked of us.

I am still truly amazed that I get to wake up to this wonderful space everyday. For those who have never been, this room was once a very cluttered junk collecting space, an attached garage on our house. We had talked about renovated many times over the years and at one point we were only going to use about two thirds of the room for my studio and make the rest a master bedroom.  Once we started figuring things out, the space was not going to be large enough and Tom said, “why don’t we make the whole thing your studio?” Trust me, I did not hesitate.  Thing is, sometimes it still isn’t big enough.  I have just a few projects and supplies. So there is still a lot that is stored downstairs, but thankfully, I have room down there.

There have been a lot of changes from the first day I opened.  The walls were pretty bare at the beginning.  Now they are overflowing with my art work, I have rearranged a few times and would happily rearrange more when my art finds new homes.

There are still days when I feel I should pinch myself.  I am so grateful that this is my life.  That usually I can have clients come in and play with all my supplies, get creative and messy with no cares for what is going on outside this space at the time.

Covid has definitely changed all of that.  I am still playing in my room and learning how to adjust to these new times.  I haven’t advertised a lot for classes as I have been waiting to see how our numbers go here.  I will start up again in January if nothing else happens to change that again.  I will be asking people to mask up and use sanitizers while here and I will be keeping everything as clean as I can.  My supplies have been quarantined for a while now, so they are all safe.

In the mean time, you will be able to shop online for many of my art pieces, I have set up an online store to make it a little easier for everyone.

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