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I had an interesting conversation with a lovely friend who is my accountability partner in business.  I was telling her how I struggle to explain what it is I do. That I offer paint classes but it’s so much more than that. It’s about coming out to play and create with paint, but that I find this actually scares people, especially if they have never done anything like it before.

She told me the reason she hasn’t signed up for a paint party in her town is because she doesn’t think she is creative, she’s worried that it won’t be perfect and that her picture will not be worthy to be hung up.

So I asked her, “Did you expect to know how to drive the first time you got behind the wheel? or was it something that you needed to practice and learn?”

Right away she said, “Oh, I never thought of it like that.” 

Why do we expect that we should know how to paint? Isn’t that why you go to painting classes?The first painting might not be a masterpiece, but it might a chance to learn, play, relax and really so much more.

Like anything, painting takes practice but it’s meant to be fun and bring joy, not stress the heck out of you. Try and try again.  Remember, there is no grading.  You automatically get an A+ for doing something just for you, the outcome and product is a bonus.

For some reason we are reluctant to try something new because we don’t believe we are creative, we doubt ourselves and we want it to be perfect.  Why don’t we think of it as an adventure, something new to try, explore possibilities and be excitedly optimistic in what we might create.

My favorite part of putting on the “It’s Just Paint” classes is that I get to watch some people who are literally terrified of putting paint on a canvas (or paper) become more relaxed and begin to allow themselves to just play and find out what you can do with the paint.  When I hear comments like, “that was so much fun”, “I did way better than I thought I would”, “I can’t believe I did that”. or “Where did the time go?”  That is music to my ears and I fell like I did my job.

The whole idea of these classes is to alleviate stress not create it.  It’s about letting go of control a bit, practicing, making mistakes and figuring out how they can be happy mistakes, taking some time out for yourself and just losing yourself in the process.

First timers (everyone really), I will walk you through the paintings step by step.  You get to choose colours and subjects that suit you.  No use making something you will never hang up.  If you have a problem, I can help you fix it.  If you want me to, I will even tweak it just a bit, if you just can’t live with it.  There is always a solution, even if it means painting over it or cutting it up into tiny pieces to be used for something else.  Every piece does not have to be a masterpiece but it’s supposed to be FUN!

When you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, take a few hours for yourself and check out how we play at my classes, I would love to have you join me and find something you enjoy doing.  I’ll be honest, not everyone loves to paint.  I find that hard to believe, but it is true.  Thing is, you really don’t know until you try and I have everything you need to give it a try.  It’s like when kids saying they don’t like spinach and we say, just try it, you just might find you have a taste for it.

So I will leave you with that thought and if you want to sign up for a class just check out my calendar or call me and we can set up another time that suits you.

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