Happy Birthday 2021

Just like everyone else, this year my Birthday was celebrated Covid style with a little twist.

I decided that even though we were not going out anywhere or having anyone over to celebrate, I was going to make the best of it. So I sent out a message and created a couple Zoom meetings to celebrate virtually. I had a wonderful day. It was a beautiful warm sunny day, much warmer than it normally is at this time of year. The walk out on our property was amazing, the best thing to lift our moods during Covid especially.

I did do something rather unusual, I got up the courage to ask people to send me a Gift. My request was for a word or words that they thought of when they thought of me that I would then use to create a deck of Inspirational Cards. I decided to create them from some sample paint chips I collected to recycle. Though I did get them started, the cards are a work in progress and it will take a little more time to finish them up. Since I wanted more time to get the cards done, I decided to use the words in another way so I would see them displayed. I took one of the canvases with a paint pour done on it and added the word I chose as my word for the year, ATTRACTION, and then I wrote all of the words in gold all around. I feel like it is a great reminder that we do not always talk to ourselves in a positive way and these words remind me that I have so much love and support around me. Sharing words with our loved ones would be a wonderful gift anytime, but making that special effort on a special day is a great option. It was nice catching up with those that joined me on the afternoon Zoom call and the one after supper, it meant a lot that they took to time to chat.

It was a different birthday for sure, but we can always find ways to make it as special as we can possibly can. So until we get to have a larger celebration we will have to be content with dreaming of our dream get together.

What would your celebration look like? I think I am going to start dreaming of my next celebration just to be prepared.

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