CTV Interview

February 25, 2020

I am so excited to share this interview that was done by CTV news when I was in Winnipeg for my End of Life Doula Course. The link below will get you to the video, I haven’t figured out a better way to share this. Copy and paste it in your browser to view it. Give it a second too, there are usually ads at the beginning. WINNIPEG — People are waiting in Winnipeg...

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Blueberry Girl

February 12, 2020

A little while after I started my business, I was looking for an old book called Blueberries for Sal, when I came across this amazing book by Neil Gaiman called Blueberry Girl. Though it wasn’t Blueberry Broad, I felt this book was truly extraordinary. It surprised me how much this book spoke to me, sounded like my life but was actually written for a baby who wasn’t even born. Even more surprising I think was...

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My Path is leading me

February 11, 2020

I felt it was time to remind people a little bit about me and where my path is leading me.For those of you who don’t know much about my background, I have been a long time caregiver.  Over the years I have supported my husband after his back injury, his recoveries from surgery, medical appointments and long term pain management.  My mother had Parkinson’s for over 10 years before she died and I during her...

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Saying Goodbye can be hard to do.

April 2, 2019

There has been one rather big change in my life and I wanted to update everyone on that.  After 10 years of being a member of the Naked North Art Gallery & Gifts in Dryden, I have decided to step away.  I’ve loved my time there and I’m grateful of all the years I was able to work with the other amazing artists.  It’s a pretty impressive accomplishment to have been in business for 10...

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March 17, 2019

I have a question, is Perfectionism stopping you from being creative?  For me, it’s a YES!!! We are often told we need to do it perfectly, get it right, don’t make any mistakes and reach for standards that might just be unattainable.For me Perfectionism has often kept me stuck.  I feel like I have to have it all figured out, laid out and make no mistakes.  This happens in many areas of my life. Just...

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It takes Practice

March 1, 2019

I had an interesting conversation with a lovely friend who is my accountability partner in business.  I was telling her how I struggle to explain what it is I do. That I offer paint classes but it’s so much more than that. It’s about coming out to play and create with paint, but that I find this actually scares people, especially if they have never done anything like it before. She told me the reason...

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January Is Already Gearing Up To Be a Fun Filled Month

January 3, 2019

I have this idea that I am going to take more time to do my art and get clear on what the rest of the year looks like for me.  How many classes, where, when?   I am excited to plan what I want for 2019.  I am looking forward to getting some unfinished projects completed as well.  Vision/ Dream Boards Workshop – I am going to create a new Vision/Dream Board for 2019.  If you...

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Blueberry Broad Studio at Christmas

A Wonderful Day Celebrating my 3rd Anniversary in My Studio

December 5, 2018

How time flies. I am so grateful for everyone that came out to celebrate with me. The winners of the draw were Juliette and Joni. Congrats! You can always drop in and say hi. See what I’m up to and what’s hanging on my walls. For those who still need a last minute gift, I have Chakra bracelets for sale ($30 + tax) and Gift Certificates for Art Classes ($50), plus a few paintings hanging...

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August was a good busy

September 2, 2018

So much happened: “It’s Just Paint” art classes, Paint, Paddle and Picnic days, the Trout Forest Music festival and just taking in summer. It was a fun filled month.   I was able to get out and do some paddling and experience amazing things in nature.  Stand Up Paddle boarding on our lake is always spectacular.  I enjoy taking my coffee out with me in the morning and sitting out on the lake and just...

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More of my creations this month

August 23, 2018

The first picture below is an example of what I tell everyone.  “It’s Just Paint” so if you don’t like it paint over it.  I had this canvas I had painted in a class quite a few years ago.  Never finished it, didn’t really like it, had it hanging up waiting for me to finish it.  I looked at it the other day and thought, hell, why not paint over it, I can do a...

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