Why Blueberry Broad Diversions

What's in a Name? Why Blueberry Broad Diversions? So let me explain…

Blueberry represents a lifetime obsession with blueberries. It started when I was small and we went picking blueberries every summer with my family. My Dad would find me a patch, sit me down and tell me to pick. To this day being out in the bush picking blueberries, many times all alone, it's definitely one of my Happy Places and a wonderful way for me to clear my head, be on my own and even meditate. I love the colors in the berries, they are so much more than just blue. Not to mention they're delicious, antioxidants, healthy and they help me get through the long winters.

Broad – the definitions are: it's a slang for woman but not just any woman, a strong woman ready to take control of her life. It speaks to my extensive or broad range of interests (plus I can't decide what I want to do the most, so let's do it all) and I want to share that with others but women especially.

Diversion – definitions are: to divert something from it's course, diverting attention, past time, entertainment and recreation. For me, using art and activities like paddling as a diversion from our everyday lives.

Ever since I chose this name I have had some suggestions that it should changed. I've been told it's too long, hard to figure out and so on. I hope this helps clear some of that up and I'm sticking with it. Just my little rebellion.

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