2020 Paint Paddle & Picnics

Even with Covid going on, I had three groups that connected with me to come out for a Paint Paddle and Picnic daycation.

My first group was Toni, Sharon and Janice. Friends who have been wanting to come play for the day, but had not been able to make it until now. The weather was gorgeous, the lake was like glass, the weather was amazing, ( the heal flies were not as cooperative, but we survived) and the company was fantastic.

The best thing for me, is knowing I provided a wonderful outing. Being able to get everyone out on the lake, try new things, the paddle boards are dreamy and the kayaks just sail through the water. Everyone painted what they wanted and personalized their paintings. The picnic lunch was tasty and enjoyed to the fullest.

When everyone is in nature, truly taking in the beauty and allowing it to just envelope them, it is the most tranquil spectacular experience.

The experience is very personal, what you and your group wants to take from this is totally up to you. The paddling can be a bit of a workout, or it can be a chance to stop, relax, feel the water below you, take it nature at it's finest. It is the perfect place to remember you do not have to be doing something every minute of the day and if we just stop and be, we can recharge and rejuvenate. Take pleasure in the self care journey.

The group of 4, this Paint Paddle & Picnic day brought us a little rougher waters, but the kayaks are wonderful on the water, they cut through the waves and allow you to bob on the waves as well. It offered plenty of sunshine and the eagles did show up for us. Jen, Carly, Jordin and Tiffany took this time to connect and support each other. Getting together in this way, taking time to talk without interruptions from the outside world. All that matters in this moment is spending time together.

The third Paint Paddle & Picnic daycation was enjoyed by Barb and her two daughters, Kayden and Kallia. Barb wanted to give her girls a day out learning new skills and making that time for each other. Teaching her girls young that it is important to make that time to spend together and trying new things

Nature provides such beautiful amazing sights and sounds to delight us if we just pay attention. When we go out on the water, look around, we are given the spectacular gifts.

I would love to have you come out for a Paint Paddle & Picnic daycation with me. I will do everything in my power to provide a pleasurable experience that you will want to repeat.

Contact me at blueberrybroad@gmail.com or call me, 807-220-3649, to chat about booking you Self Care day.

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